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Sha-Zyme Carpet Shampoo


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Product Description

Sha-Zyme is a carpet shampoo with stain and odor removing enzymes. It provides an effective cleaning and odor control formulation for carpet and fabric. The ready to use solution can be used on carpet, upholstery, draperies, car seats, etc. to remove organic stains and odors resulting from stains and helps reduce resoling in high traffic areas. Sha-Zyme combines effective cleaning surfactants and synergistic microorganisms to achieve complete organic removal in a single cleaning application. Common stains, spills, and pet accidents leave organic deposits and odors in carpets and on fabrics that can reappear after cleaning. Once activated the microorganisms degrade the organics, resulting in stain removal and odor control. Sha-Zyme consist of a synergistic blend of microorganisms selected for their ability to degrade organic substrates, such as milk, food, spills, and urine. 

Sold in 4-1 Gallon Per Case and also in 5 Gallon Containers

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4-1 Gallon Case, 5 Gallon Container